Why use OpenCart?
*OpenCart is Open Source with free documentation, the features with unlimited categories and products are powerful especially deploy in Linux server. The cost are affordable to deploy and you can hire any programmers since Open Source are developed by many developers of different countries in  the world.

Why choose myOpenCart.hk?
*Our teams are connected with English, French and Chinese natives to deploy the best total solutions for traders and wholesalers either import to China market through Hong Kong. We know the best practice and local languages to open a Hong Kong company, virtual office, web presence to deal with all import, tax or any local regulations for you.

Do you understand the differences between “Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese” or “Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese and Putonghua?
*Singapore and Malaysia are using Simplified Chinese Characters officially. Taiwan (Speak Mandarin), Hong Kong (Speak Cantonese) are still using Traditional Chinese Characters officially.
China (Speack Putonghua) using Simplified Chinese.
South of China especially Canton Guangzhou speak Cantonese use Simplified Chinese.
Many more different provinces speak their own dialects such as
Chaozhou, Hakka and more.. in wiki
List of dialects and languages in WIKI