– The Best eCommerce Platform for WordPress

If your business need to involve lots of writing and need very good looking  themes  on the website, but selling items less than 100, I will suggest you to use WooCommerce which has the best solution to integrate with the blog writing “WordPress”.

WooCommerce provide lots of themes and plugins, and will spends quite much on each and it seems to me the admin back-end is slower and more complicated than OpenCart.

You can study here:




Using Google “Blogger”, in my opinion, it is a very affordable choice since you don’t need to pay at all, and easy to manage in Google Search SEO because it is one of the Google product. It is very stable and no need to worry about the cost of hosting, and I have over 10 years on Blogger. I had been trying the Blogger shopping theme solution before, it was quite inconvenience to use and I gave up on that. However, if you do a lot of writing and YouTube to catch more eyeballs and fans, you should try Blogger.