Powerful Enquiry Button for your OpenCart Store

Today I introduce a nice extension from iSenseLabs:


AskForQuote : Replace ‘Add to cart’ button with or add button ‘Ask for a quote’

Many store owners may sell things which need Custom made/ Tailor made, and standard items are difficult fulfill the requirements.

Therefore, we introduce a nice extension that you can add or replace the add to cart button with “Enquiry” button.

It is very flexible and powerful for this extension, it does provide you to “Rename” your button as you like, such as “Ask for Quote, Request sample, Contact me…etc.” and changing the colour of button as your own way to match your store.

The best I like it the most is that, it provides nice integration for the integration with OC admin that you can view your enquiry summary with statistic and report for export.

The most important question you may ask:

Does it support Journal2 Theme?
*Yes, it does!

Here is the link to get more detail information and buy the extension today.

Any question, please ask.