Before you know China Chinese love shopping and the mCommerce is very popular in every Chinese cities, please make sure you will need to know what is the best tools and also the barriers which they cannot access most westerners’ websites.


Please looked at Websites blocked in mainland China

Not only they cannot view or use Google, facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Twitter, Pinterest or even your websites hosted in US may be blocked as well, you will need a website hosted either in Hong Kong or China with the business registration. Therefore, marketing to China need to localisation which you cannot just translate your website into Chinese and promote it.

Instead of Google, Chinese only use Baidu as search engine  in China, Wechat and QQ is a must to connect with their mobile phone. If you expect them to install Lines, Whatsapp, Skype or any other social app to communicate with you, they are willing to do that but most of the time will be disconnected or blocked by official parties.

It is good to have a Hong Kong partner to help you not just a website, but total solution that when you try to export your products and import to China. You will need to declare whatever categories according to different taxation scheme.


*This article is just for general information and should not be relied on for decision making. If you would like to know more about formal answer to your questions, we suggest you to consultant with our Hong Kong partners.