What is the best online shop solution to you for Asian/Chinese market? There is no single answer, but if it is scalable to your need when the product items increase.

My experience tell me is depends on the type of your business. If you have only few items to sell and involve more on customization, then you can choose WooCommerce.

If you have lots of items such as thousands of them, price and selling in quantity is more critical, then you can choose OpenCart or Magento. They have very good structure design to handle thousands of products when searching or indexing while it has more extensions or plugins to integrate with the system. Since both are open source and there are many developers have those programs writing for you and therefore just need a little fine-tune and adjustment to fit your need. If asking a team of programmers for your customization, the cost you will pay at least 20 times more and it still need to modify until it is stable to use.

We have been involved to the translation and modifying of OpenCart over 4 years, and that’s the best fit to help you start with your OpenCart online shopping website in 1~3 days for the Chinese market, and help you to source and install the extensions or plugins for you within a month.

If you happen to target the Hong Kong and China market, we have the front and back-end with different languages thus to install to fit your suppliers to update while selling to the Chinese market, all payment gateway and logistics solutions will be available for you.

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